Solar Hot Water
Solarthermie Anlage Sonnen Heizung Warm Wasser Heiss Termosifon
Solarthermie Anlage Sonnen Heizung Warm Wasser
Solar Energy
Solar Energy
Family thermosiphon solar system
TermoSifón - Calefón solar familiar
The family solar system we offer in three different sizes and always includes the following components:
  • Solar collector with vacuum tubes
  • CPC or flat mirrors
  • Stainless steel hot water tank
  • Mounting frame.
Family Solar system thermosiphon
TermoSifón - Calefón solar familiar integral
The thermosiphon solar system has the following advantages:
  • The vacuum technology of CPC solar collectors is internationally the most advanced level of development in the area of solar water heating. (CPC = Composite Parabolic Concentration)
  • Apart from the sun, no other energy source is required.
  • No electrical equipment such as circulation pumps or mixers is needed.
  • The system is automatic, it does not require regulation.
The solar thermosiphon system can be used where hot water is needed without generating energy costs or where apart from the sun there is no other energy source:
  • Family or multi-family houses
  • Apartment houses
  • Country houses
  • Farms and estates
  • Hotels and Lodges
The thermosiphon solar system can be used:
  • for showers
  • for the sinks
  • for the whirlpool
  • for the washing machine
  • to cook
  • in industrial processes
  • etc.

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